The Power of Starting

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" and "you don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great"! These are not only famous quotes about starting, but they are incredibly accurate. What are you waiting for? Get out there, get STARTED!
The Power of Starting

“If everyone waited to become an expert before starting, no one would become an expert. To become an EXPERT, you must have EXPERIENCE. To get EXPERIENCE, you must EXPERIMENT! Stop waiting. Start stuff.” – Richie Norton

Most people with business ideas spend their entire life just talking about them. They never become more than just that, ideas. Ideas by themselves are worthless, they’re a dime a dozen. It’s the action, and the execution that has value, and even then, you must execute correctly.

People will spend their lives focusing on the “what ifs” or get stuck in the “talking and brainstorming stages”. They fail to take action, and as a result they never get the life they desire. Really, they fail to start, which is the most important thing anyone can do.

The best advice I can give is to JUST START. It sounds simple, and that’s because it is. Don’t complicate your idea or business. Just start it. There is power behind simply starting. Once you start, things will begin to evolve.

I’ve personally experienced this throughout my career, and so have most of the greats. Think of the most successful people you admire and look where they started. Mark Zuckerberg for instance, Facebook started in a college dorm room. Let that sink in. When he first started building out the website, do you think he knew it would turn into the media giant it is today? Or how about Jeff Bezos, when he first started Amazon do you think he knew he would revolutionize the way consumer shopped?

Let’s not forget all the greats have failed more times than they succeeded. Failing isn’t a bad thing, don’t be afraid of it. Every failure comes with a priceless learning experience. Remember that you don’t need to know your business plan start to finish. In most cases you will have no idea where the finish line really is, little lone the direction you will be heading in 18 months down the road. Personally, I believe business plans are only good until you get started. Your business will pivot so much that eventually your business plan just becomes a piece of paper you spent way too much time on. Pick a direction and start moving. TAKE ACTION.

Think of starting a business like you would start a cross-country road trip. You get in your car, turn it on, shift into drive and head in the general direction of where you want to go. What if along the way there is a major accident? Your GPS stops working? The road you need to take is closed? What do you do? You pivot. You find a detour, you change the flat tire, you come up with a solution. It’s the same with business. First and foremost, you need to start, you need to shift into drive, then move forward in the general direction of where you think you want to go.

You will run into problems, you will find that roads are closed, you will get a flat tire, but all you have to do is change your direction and make the necessary pivots. When things don’t go as planned in my life or business, I personally don’t see it as a bad thing. I see it as a chance to improve and learn what not to do next time. When I run into problems I use the tools I have available and make things happen. I pivot. If I keep running into the same problem, maybe I start a business that solves the problem, and I sell that solution to other people.

Do you have an idea? Just start it. If you don’t, you will always wish you would have taken action. The momentum of getting started will open doors you never knew existed, create opportunities that would have never been there otherwise. So, get out there, explore, create something, do something.

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Derreck Stratton

Derreck Stratton